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Film Commission Information

Commission Representative: Pavlina Zipkova
Phone: +420603554044
Czech Film Commission / Czech Film Fund

Dukelskych Hrdinu 47, Praha 7 170 00
Czech Republic

Q Commission Incentives

20% Rebate
Local Production Company Required

Minimum Spend:
Feature, animation and TV films (at least 70 minutes runtime) CZK 15m
Documentary films (> 70 minutes) CZK 2m
Fictional TV series (> 30 minutes per episode) CZK 8m per episode
Animated series (> 5 minutes per episode) CZK 1m per episode

Project Cap: 80% of total budget

Qualified Spend/Bonus
Czech goods and services provided by and paid to companies or individuals registered to pay income tax in the Czech Republic are eligible for a rebate of 20%.
Payments to foreign cast and crew who pay withholding tax in the Czech Republic are eligible for a rebate of 66% on the withholding tax.

Travel and Shipping  – when paid through a local company
Legal Fees

Annual Cap: CZK 800M
Sunset Date: None
Screen Credit: Yes
CPA Audit: Yes
Cultural Test: Yes

Registration (passing cultural test) valid for 4 years.

Application for the allocation of rebate only with the registration certificate. The timing of the application is important: at least 10 shooting days must have been completed within 4 months after the application is filed (for a Eurimage/Creative Europe-Media project, the deadline is 9 months) and the latest that it may be filed is on the 10th day of shooting in the Czech Republic.

Applicants must submit the project’s budget and estimate of eligible spend, the shooting schedule for Czech locations.


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