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Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-EEK-a) is NOT the Dominican Republic. It is a Caribbean island officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, located between the French territories of Guadeloupe to north and Martinique to the south. It’s closest English neighbours are Antigua to the north and St. Lucia to the south. 

The Dominica Film Office was established to be a one stop shop to facilitate producers and filmmakers by ensuring that the procedures for filming in Dominica is as simple and hassle free as  possible.   Services provided by the Dominica Film Office include the following:

  • Provide assistance in identifying and securing scouting locations
  • Issue film permit
  • Provide assistance in obtaining film permits from the Forestry and Fisheries Divisions
  • Obtain work permit exemptions and visa waivers
  • Obtain special import permits and duty free exemption on all capital and other goods used for filming
  • Provide assistance with sourcing local goods, services, talent and crew
  • Act as liaison between the production company and Government agencies and departments

Film Office Representative:  Daphne Vidal
Email: or
Phone: (767) 448-2045
Ground & 1st Floor, Marpin House, 5 – 7 Great Marlborough Street 

Q How do I obtain a film permit?

Send us an e mail at and we will provide you with all the information you need to film in Dominica.

Q What incentives are offered to filmmakers?

Incentives are offered based on the requirements of filmmakers. These include waiver of select taxes and fees.

Q Is Dominica open for film productions?


Pre - arrival testing for unvaccinated travellers is no longer required, i.e antigen testing is no longer required prior to arrival into Dominica.

All on island health and safety protocols to combat COVID-19 must be adhered to when filming in Dominica.

Q What productions have been filmed in Dominica?


Columbus - A Rank Studio's/Gainsborough film (1948)
The Seventh Sign by Tri-Star Pictures (1987)
The Orchid House by BBC Channel 4 (1991)
Wide Sargasso Sea By UWI
Once Upon a Sunday
The Prenupt Challenge - Stonehenge Media (2005)
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (2005)
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (2007)
Pirate Master - Mark Burnett Productions (2007)
Naked and Afraid - Discovery Channel (2015)
American Tarzan - Discovery Channel (2016)
Booze Traveller - (2017)
Caribbean Pirate Treasure - (2017)
Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen - (2018)
House Hunters International - (2019)

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  • The following information was submitted on:February 1, 2021
  • Pandemic Insurance Available:No
  • Open for Production:Yes
  • Quarantine time is required:7 days
  • There is currently a government mandate shutting down production in our jurisdiction:No
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  • Current travel restrictions within our jurisdiction:See for details
  • Current limits on the number of people who can congregate/work in one place:20
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