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Kurdistan Film Commission Slemani (KFO Slemani)

Kurdistan Film Commission Slemani is a newly established film office located in the Sulaimaniyah Governorate of the Kurdistan region in Iraq. Sulaimaniyah is recognised as Kurdistan’s “Capital of Culture” and has the highest audio-visual productions and film culture in Kurdistan. Our primary role is to mediate between foreign production companies and every aspect of their production on the ground.



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Location database

KFO location database offers the largest location database in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  



KFO Services 

The commission offers a full range of services, covering pre-production, production, and post-production. KFO provides cultural consultation services, including linguistics, costume design, and guidance throughout all logistical aspects of the filming process in Slemani, Kurdistan.

Logistic services 




KFO Advisory board


Industry Guide

KFO Slemani’s industry database connects all production companies and the professional crew of the film industry of Slemani. 



this database is continuously updated with new information.

Q Where is KFO Slemani located?

KFO Slemani is based in the Sulaymaniyah governate of Kurdistan, Iraq.

Q Is it safe to film in Kurdistan, Slemani?

The KRI has its own regional government and security forces maintaining the safety and stability of the region. Sulaymaniyah, and the KRI in general is considered the safest region in Iraq.

Q Does Slemani have an airport?

Slemani has an airport that offers direct flights to Qatar, the UAE, Jordan, and more.

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