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Film Commission Information

Contact: Julian Guillaumier
Phone: +356 2180 9135
Malta Film Commission
St Rocco Street
Kalkara, KKR 9062

Q Commission Incentives

Up to 40% Grant

Minimum Spend: €100K

Eligible expenditures include, but are not limited to:
Select Fringes

Screen Credit: Yes
CPA Audit: Yes
Cultural Test: Yes


Our Financial Incentives for the Audiovisual Industry Scheme offers a cash rebate on production spend in Malta, in accordance with our guidelines.

Eligibility criteria
The basic eligibility criteria to apply is:

1. The production must be a qualifying company (i.e. a company that produces audiovisual content – in the formats listed in our guidelines i.e. Film, TV film, TV series etc).
2. The qualifying production is in one of the formats as outlined in the guidelines.
3. The minimum spend must be €100,000 in Malta with an overall budget exceeding €200,000.
4. Pass the cultural test.

Cash rebate %
The maximum cash rebate % is 40% (depending on the points in the cultural test a production can be awarded from 30% to 40%

Eligible spend
Our guidelines clearly outline what is defined as eligible spend with some restrictions/capping’s for specific categories. Apart from direct Malta Spend our scheme also favours EU related spend. Full details can be found in the attached guidelines.

Rebate Capping (i.e. Compensation Cap)
There is NO capping on how much cash rebate is awarded to an individual production. (Some big productions shooting in Malta have received in excess of €5 million and €6 million – the cash rebate is simply tied to eligible spend in Malta – the more you spend the more you can get back and vice versa).

Our scheme is State Aid regulated and monitored by the EU and productions should not double dip i.e. claim for same expenses under different schemes and exceed the EU thresholds for cumulative state aid.

After filming in Malta is complete and the production has presented their final accounting documents these are sent to our auditors. On receipt and approval of relevant audit report, we pay the % on the eligible spend in accordance with the cultural test/certificate/guidelines. This is paid no later than 5 months following the presentation of final accounts.

Application for certification must be submitted at least 30 working days before planned commencement of the production's principal photography in Malta.