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850 SE 3rd Ave., Ste. 405

Portland, OR  97214


Tim Williams, Executive Director

P: 971-254-4021

E: tim@oregonfilm.org

Q Why Oregon?

Oregon offers great crews used to shooting in all terrains; cities, towns, deserts, mountains, rivers and the ocean - snow and sun - and a long history of filmmaking.

The state incentive program provides a 25% cash rebate which is more valuable than the transferable tax credits in other states and much less of a hassle. With additional programs that add further incentives for regional production and workforce placements, productions can often get closer to a 30% cash rebate - payable within 4-6 weeks of delivering their audit paperwork at the end of their time here.

Flights in are as easy as the drive to and from the airport and talent love to work in our cities staying in four star hotels, eating amazing food and drinking micro-brewed beer or locally bottled wine.


Oregon has two main incentive programs - the Oregon Production Investment Program (OPIF) and the Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate program (GOLR). Both of these programs can be combined together for projects spending more than $1M in the state to receive a 25% rebate on all goods and services bought or rented from Oregon companies and a 26.2% rebate for all payrolled personnel working in Oregon (up to $1M per person or entity). This is a cash rebate generally payable within 4-6 weeks of our office receiving the required paperwork needed to complete the project audit.

Find out more here: OregonFilm.org/Incentives and for a deeper dive go here: https://oregonfilm.org/article/start-here-incentives/

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