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Film Commission Information

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan

Commission Representative: Mr  Mohannad Al Bakri

1st Circle, Jabal Amman 7 Omar Bin Al Khattab Street (off Rainbow Street)

T. +962 6 4642266

F. +962 6 4642299


P.O. Box 811 991 Amman 11181 Jordan


Q How Does the Jordanian Film Incentive Work?

The Jordan Film Incentive

Eligible productions filming in Jordan can benefit from a 10% to 25% cash rebate on their
expenses in the Kingdom.

• Minimum spend: One million U.S. Dollars.
• CAP: Two million U.S. Dollars.

• 10% cash rebate if the total sum of eligible expenses is between one million (1.000.000)
and three million (3.000.000) U.S. Dollars.

• 15% cash rebate if the total sum of eligible expenses is between three million (3.000.0000)
and five million (5.000.000) U.S. Dollars.

• 20% cash rebate if the total sum of eligible expenses is between five million (5.000.000) and
seven million (7,000,000) U.S. Dollars.

• 25% cash rebate if the total sum of eligible expenses is above seven million (7,000,000) U.S.
Dollars with a cap of 2,000,000 U.S. Dollars.

Important Information:
• The rebate is on all qualified expenses incurred within Jordan. Productions have to be
related to film production, TV production, radio production, commercials, photography,
electronic games, animation, 2D or 3D.

• Production companies can apply for the cash rebate by filling in a form, to receive the form
or any other details please send an email to:

• The production should employ at least 50 Jordanian crew members, and train 20
Jordanian interns.

• The rebate is provided to a production services company registered in Jordan.

• The cash rebate comes in addition to the tax exemption system, provided all requirements
are met.

• The logo of the FC is to be included in the end credits, and promotional activities are to b
implemented in Jordan.

If the project is eligible for cash rebate incentive, a detailed agreement between the production and the RFC will be signed.

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan
Tel: +962 6 4642266 - P.O.B. 811991 Amman 11181 Jordan - Email:


TAX Exemption

By virtue of a Government’s decision, The Royal Film Commission – Jordan was granted the right to exempt eligible productions from certain taxes and fees. These exemptions include:

1. Sales tax exemptions for any product and/or service purchased within the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production.

2. Customs taxes and duties exemptions for any equipment and/or material imported into the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production.

3. Taxes on salaries and fees for any non-Jordanian cast and crew member employed by the production.

The project must go into pre-production within 90 days from the date of approving the application. After the period of 90 days, the exemption shall be considered invalid and the production must reapply.

The production must agree to have a ‘Filmed in Jordan” credit as well as The Royal Film Commission - Jordan logo in the final production rolling credits.

Productions must provide the following information:
1- Budget
2- Expenses in Jordan
3- List of Jordanian Crew / Cast / Heads of Departments / Trainees
7- Salaries of Jordanian Crew
8- Number of filming Days
9- Script with a focus on references to Jordan
10- Extent of cooperation with Jordanian authorities
11- Accommodation (in three-star hotels or more)
12- Per diem of foreign crew

How to Apply
Any production wishing to benefit from the exemption has to contact the Royal Film Commission- Jordan:

The Royal Film Commission will revert within a period of 12 working days.

If the project qualifies, the production will be granted the exemption letter for use within 90 days.

Tel: +962 4642266 - P.O.B. 811991 Amman 11181 Jordan - Email:

Q Is Military Support Services Available?

The Jordanian Armed Forces provide logistical services as well as rental services of military vehicles, weapons, and equipment. At very reasonable/competitive prices.

Additional Details

  • The following information was submitted on:January 12, 2022
  • Pandemic Insurance Available:Yes
  • Open for Production:Yes
  • COVID Test Results Available within:Results within 3-5 Hours
  • Quarantine time is required:10 Days at home for Covid positive cases
  • There is currently a government mandate shutting down production in our jurisdiction:N/A
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  • Current travel restrictions coming into the country:Travelers are required to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure and do a PCR test upon arrival to Jordan.
  • Current travel restrictions within our jurisdiction:None

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