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Commission Representative: Joel Slocumb


Phone: (800) 999-1613 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2768 | Columbus Georgia | 31902

Columbus Incentives:

The Columbus Film Fund is a local incentive — in the form of a grant — to provide funding to compensate filmmakers for the additional per diem, housing and transportation costs associated with bringing crew to Columbus.

Incentive You May Qualify for:

  • Cash incentive grants may be applied for which have no specific minimum or maximum dollar amount except that no grant shall exceed 20% of the total value of the fund at the time of project pre-production.
  • The Film Commission:
    • Shall take bids from local hoteliers and apartment management companies to provide best available rates for housing crew and talent for each production.
    • Will assist in identifying vendors, with whom the producer and/or director can negotiate best price discounts for production offices, other rentals, parking fees, catering, security/police, healthcare professionals, site rentals, fire and rescue service, filming permits and other production costs.
    • Will provide information on renting Flat Rock Studios and fully furnished production offices located in Columbus.
  • Columbus State University:
    •  Faculty will assist with casting calls and auditions.
    • Will provide resumes for local workers who have completed the Georgia Film Academy on-set film production Nexus degree.
  • When possible, the Film Commission will secure in-kind support for projects in exchange for thank you recognition of said vendor in end credits.
  • Selected projects providing documentation that 85% of the production’s budget was spent in Muscogee County may qualify for an additional 10% of an incentive grant.
  • The Film Commission will provide referrals to a Columbus based film distribution company for possible film distribution agreements.
  • Experienced film/television technicians with no fewer than (5) five years of verifiable experience, who relocate to Muscogee County with a minimum one-year lease or purchase of property and who reside the Muscogee County for a minimum of 30 days may apply for a $2,000 relocation reimbursement grant. Verifiable receipts or other documentary proof and possessing a valid Georgia driver’s license are required

Qualifying Production Expenses for Grant Funds:

  • Local Labor**
  • Local Rentals*
  • Local Hotels/Apartments*
  • Per Diem
  • Parking Fees
  • Catering (labor/food)
  • Local Site Rentals
  • Security/Police
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Local Purchases of Misc. Supplies*
  • Background Players     
  • Casting Fees
  • Local Animals*
  • Gas & Oil
  • Picture Cars
  • Gratuities
  • Craft Services***
  • Production Services Companies***

*Local Expenses are those incurred with companies officially operating in Muscogee County

**Local Labor refers to Georgia residents living in Muscogee County

***Companies with headquarters outside Muscogee County with satellite location in Muscogee County

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